Unthink: And How to Harness the Power of Your Unconscious

Unthink: And How to Harness the Power of Your Unconscious - Chris Paley Unthink the way you think on Wat you think now as the way think on Wat you think is not the way you think actually.

pardon me if the above punchline of mine couldn't even come close to the Chris Paley punch provided at the synopsis.
for heaven's sake ( assume there is one as I couldn't get another term to exactly describe the effect only these words have) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. it made me feel sad for not picking on these subjects for my degree graduation(well I mean psychology here) as I rejoiced reading every page of this book. I would have given it a full 5 star rating if I had got the entire theory that Chris tried to put up there. sadly I couldn't get many which made my mind (or I think it to be my mind)to consciously (or unconsciously) delete one star. I'll surely recommend it to anyone with or without any knowledge of our CPU ,this book because it only needs a wonderful mind to realize what the man says in his book. it can get you hooked in many places by completely disagreeing with you but I think or unthink that that is the damn truth. I would love to see you again with another intensive research book on our minds Paley. hats off

Interstellar: The Official Movie Novelization

Interstellar: The Official Movie Novelization - Greg Keyes let me make one thing very clear. if in any case you have got the book in your hand and if you are uncontrollably tempted to start off with the book(which you will be thanks to the book cover ) please do control yourself in case you haven't watched the film yet. a simple clear instruction put in front of you. watch the film and read the book. now if you need a review for this book I'm sure you haven't seen the flick. this book is just a slightly detailed version of the movie. it has exactly the same narration as the movie with a slightly improvised support for certain scenes. Wat the book does is make you travel through the stars(whoa I have leaked the meaning of the title) this time a more in-depth analyzing one. if you have followed my instruction I honestly say you'll enjoy the ride. else you'll be cursing yourself for sure. I won't dwell into the book's storyline. no I won't. so that's it. my only request don't miss this book and don't fail my instruction

The Petpost Secret

The Petpost Secret - Radhika Dhariwal, Prabha Mallya

  this is a story of a slave who is in a mission to attain freedom. sounds pretty old? maybe it is but Wat if I say that this slave is a squirrel. this book as a whole was interesting to read. it kept me going continuously. the language of the book is one if the biggest plus I would say which makes it more than a children's book. although it had all the elements of being in a fantasy world it was good to read. the author has dwelled deep into the small animals kingdom to give a surrounding Wat you would exactly expect with a squirrel as a hero. though in some cases it was too artificial and too illogical those can be neglected considering the fact that this her first novel. I really appreciate your thinking towards a story like this. it has been sauced up with many commercial elements in it which looked misplaced for this plot. but overall this book was really a good one to read in between some serious books. I would recommend this to anyone who might just need a break from some serious stuffs.

Losing My Virginity

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson this was a book which ended up as a voyage rather than a normal sojourn for me. it has every ingredient spiced in it to produce a extra delicious long lasting meal. I say long lasting because it's been one of the longest book I have read in terms of the time I took to finish it. it was a whooping 21 days. though I spent less time towards this book than my normal I felt something in it slowed it down. but this was a brilliant book taking me through the artificial intelligence of a man called Richard Branson on losing his virginity in his business life. those who need a fiction like business minded autobiography experience I urge u to take this book. he clears the basic techniques needed in surviving a business. the language was extremely beautiful. i liked this one a lot though it gave me the black mark of being the slowest book of my reading career


Detective - Arthur Hailey Arthur Hailey was the man whom I fell in love with when I read airport and the evening news. I needn't describe his general methodology of writing since that is well known to all. I felt maybe he just slipped a bit in his one final attempt. detective was as racy as airport but it stops with that in the first half. and then it was as detailed as the evening news in the second half. but Wat I really thought was this book fell short of the standards of either of the books. he tries to convey 2 main stories woven into one well knit plot. but in the end I was stranded with the question whether it was well knit. try it. it displays Hailey's deep research into the department and brilliant story writing. in the end I wasn't disappointed but neither was I happy.

To Sir, With Love

To Sir, With Love - E.R. Braithwaite got a guilt feeling that maybe I didn't respect and respond to my teachers. this book traverses the troubles that a teacher undergoes to maintain his class's discipline and his own dignity. I'm going to show at least a bit more respect from now on after reading this. thank you braithwaite.

Slaughterhouse Five

Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut

to put it plain I'm baffled. Vonnegut took me into a nested loop of time travel and as a result I'm baffled. believe me I'm baffled as in BAFFLED. I was stung at many places trying put everything in a single path. beautifully woven plot with almost intriguing storyline. read it in as quickly as possible else you'll become a partner to me. about this book what else i am to say. the many reviews provided in GR convey them. will come to u soon again Vonnegut. that's a promise

Post Office

Post Office - Charles Bukowski a brilliantly woven plot with an extraordinary language wit. the only thing I pondered after finishing the book was whether this book deserves the the title of post office. I would give 3.5 stars for this.

The Key To Rebecca

The Key To Rebecca - Ken Follett I liked it from the beginning till two third of the plot. the story should have well ended before. instead follett keeps on introducing unwanted artificial twists just to drag up the tale. though finally he finishes it so suddenly and bluntly that you read that part again just to make sure nothing has been omitted by you or you failed to read a in between sentence or a page has been torn. but you realize that all those are true and the story is over. good for reading once if you plan to opt for a quicky

The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway I really appreciate the way Hemingway wrote the simple tale of a old man. but still at some stages i felt it to be slightly boring and repetitive. that I say because I know nothing on it took some time for me to come in terms with the words used.but once I got within the author's authority I started liking it.surely I'll give it another go in the future. otherwise must read for everyone. not for the story but for the sake of the language

Man's Search for Meaning

Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor E. Frankl, Harold S. Kushner positive that I'll take this book again in the future whenever I feel low. read it else you miss a blissful opportunity of leading your life meaningful

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness - Chris Gardner one of the books I will remember till my last
a must for a wanderer, who is cloudy on his/her future, can gain his/her confidence by giving this book a read
I ,amongst them, see a very dim light,a minute one , on what path I should take to become the light house that gardener became

Code to Zero

Code to Zero - Ken Follett I hear many saying that this is a book comparable to ken's eye of the needle. but on reality it was no where near to it
yes it was thrilling and fast paced
but after a certain period you feel those flashbacks were taking you away from the plot. also the sex scenes in this book were totally unnecessary. I was wondering whether that part of the book was perhaps written by chetan bhagat!!! but overall the story was not bad. good to try after reading some serious novels

My Reading Life

My Reading Life - Pat Conroy one of the tedious books I have read in my reading career. but Conroy takes us to the deep blue sea of words without our acknowledgement and makes us absorb the tale in that page for a minute or so before forcing us to turn to the next page. I say tedious because I had to constantly use my phone dictionary to taste the literal meaning conveyed by him in this book. surely I of the best books I have read in my reading life

Rahul Dravid: Timeless Steel

Rahul Dravid: Timeless Steel - ESPN Cricinfo dravid was a man who had a immense talent but was overshadowed by the likes of sachin. but this man was really the go to man that India seek to at the time if they were under trouble
so this biij pays tribute to dravid and will make us feel for him and revive those utter impossible knocks that dravid alone can produce
a must have for every fan of dravid and those who want to

Playing It My Way: My Autobiography

Playing It My Way: My Autobiography - Sachin Tendulkar, Boria Majumdar Sachin has made a extravagant detailed tailoring of his life which he calls cricket. Though I felt he could have explicitly expressed his views on his fellowmates like Rahul laxman ganguly and msd .
still it will be a rollercoaster drive for all the little master's fans.
he takes you to a more non ventured world of his life which he plays in his own way. Thanks a lot sachin and I seriously miss you

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