Animal Farm

Animal Farm - George Orwell it's surely the best satires to have been written.
Orwell has provided a brilliant platform to explain about the rebellion that went completely wrong

The Other Side

The Other Side - Faraaz Kazi, Vivek Banerjee this was my first goodread giveaway book. so i knew i was too fortunate to get this book. from the the first story to the 12th story every single one had the basic ingredient required for a horror story. its a must read book. just go for it. surely no second thoughts for that. hats off.

My Days

My Days - R.K. Narayan It is really nice to read a author saying about his own life. we all know r.k.narayan for well known 'malgudi days'. but reading his autobiography one would easily realise the hardships faced by the great man. it really interesting. try as a snack time book between two epics. i guarantee u wouldn't regret.

Twelve Red Herrings

Twelve Red Herrings - Jeffrey Archer Jefrey archer has took me to a greatly heightened likeness to him with this book. This is a gem of short stories. Indulge in it. you will love it. highly recommend it.

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