Interstellar: The Official Movie Novelization

Interstellar: The Official Movie Novelization - Greg Keyes let me make one thing very clear. if in any case you have got the book in your hand and if you are uncontrollably tempted to start off with the book(which you will be thanks to the book cover ) please do control yourself in case you haven't watched the film yet. a simple clear instruction put in front of you. watch the film and read the book. now if you need a review for this book I'm sure you haven't seen the flick. this book is just a slightly detailed version of the movie. it has exactly the same narration as the movie with a slightly improvised support for certain scenes. Wat the book does is make you travel through the stars(whoa I have leaked the meaning of the title) this time a more in-depth analyzing one. if you have followed my instruction I honestly say you'll enjoy the ride. else you'll be cursing yourself for sure. I won't dwell into the book's storyline. no I won't. so that's it. my only request don't miss this book and don't fail my instruction