Losing My Virginity

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson this was a book which ended up as a voyage rather than a normal sojourn for me. it has every ingredient spiced in it to produce a extra delicious long lasting meal. I say long lasting because it's been one of the longest book I have read in terms of the time I took to finish it. it was a whooping 21 days. though I spent less time towards this book than my normal I felt something in it slowed it down. but this was a brilliant book taking me through the artificial intelligence of a man called Richard Branson on losing his virginity in his business life. those who need a fiction like business minded autobiography experience I urge u to take this book. he clears the basic techniques needed in surviving a business. the language was extremely beautiful. i liked this one a lot though it gave me the black mark of being the slowest book of my reading career