The Petpost Secret

The Petpost Secret - Radhika Dhariwal, Prabha Mallya

  this is a story of a slave who is in a mission to attain freedom. sounds pretty old? maybe it is but Wat if I say that this slave is a squirrel. this book as a whole was interesting to read. it kept me going continuously. the language of the book is one if the biggest plus I would say which makes it more than a children's book. although it had all the elements of being in a fantasy world it was good to read. the author has dwelled deep into the small animals kingdom to give a surrounding Wat you would exactly expect with a squirrel as a hero. though in some cases it was too artificial and too illogical those can be neglected considering the fact that this her first novel. I really appreciate your thinking towards a story like this. it has been sauced up with many commercial elements in it which looked misplaced for this plot. but overall this book was really a good one to read in between some serious books. I would recommend this to anyone who might just need a break from some serious stuffs.